When it came to Velocity, there were two elements to the data delivery we want to solve. The first was tactical – the provision of status reports of global deployment, SLA report and forecasts, through BI reporting. However, the second and more complex data piece we wanted to track and share with clients is the collaborative usage of spaces and the customer satisfaction data. We wanted to create a system that could track how many people were in the room during a meeting along with how many people spoke and participated in the meeting.

Imagine if we could provide you metrics that indicated a measure of how “collaborative” a meeting was based on attendance and participation. This is the visibility and validation that is really required from an executive stakeholder’s standpoint in achieving ROI on the investment they made, and it’s the accountability that ultimately, we should have as a trusted partner in supporting their business goals.

our DASHBOARD objective

What if we could start to take that strategic outcome data and be able to harvest and manipulate it at global scale? What if we could understand and evaluate your data against an aggregated mean across all customers on the platform? Not only could we answer how one set of users might be leveraging these tools vs another within your organization, but also how your users rate relative to a broader base of customers, be that in similar industry vertical, geography, or solution type.

It was with these goals and perspective we have approached the Velocity Dashboard strategy. Collaboration measurement is still very much an evolving space, with tremendous opportunity for technology innovation and thought leadership. We are leading the market in this emerging opportunity, have multiple collaborative partnerships underway with various 3rd parties to support this, and will continue to invest in and evolve the Dashboard offering and platform in the months and years to come based upon the flexible foundation we have built it upon.

data collection

We wanted to build a platform that was agnostic to the specific vendors or platforms of the systems we were looking to manage. We wanted to be able to measure tactical data to bolster our operational and support efficiency as well as strategic outcome measurement data. We wanted to leverage modern trends like Cloud and IoT for efficiency and capability, and Analytics software for flexibility and visibility.

To do so we partnered to customise and optimise an enterprise grade, on premise appliance but cloud aggregated network monitoring and support tool to meet our baseline data collection needs. We also collaboratively engaged with our key vendor partners to ensure we enable, and ultimately extract specific data from their hardware and/or management tools. Through cloud API integration we then built a path to a Power BI environment to be able to build customer specific as well as overall GPA aggregated reporting. It is upon these three foundations we can and will evolve and enhance our accountability to you in enabling the collaborative outcomes and resulting business velocity that will deliver and maintain the competitive market advantage you seek.

Network Monitoring
Quickly analyze advanced network data, Domotz Pro makes it easy to access and measure everything you need to know in a couple of clicks.
Remote Management & Troubleshooting
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Add members of your team to share management access to your GPA support team. Easily manage team members in multiple roles to assign proper permissions.
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