This room is designed for Cisco Webex centric organizations offering both local wired or wireless content presentation, as well as an entry level videoconferencing capability for small to mid sized rooms. It also offers the opportunity to convert the camera and microphone capabilities of the room to act as a USB peripheral connection for a BYOD device, thereby supporting any user device driven audio/video conferencing application.
Various user experience and management features are inbuilt within the solution design including active speaker camera tracking, and room occupancy analytics. User Experience centric features include a motion-detection feature to automatically turn the display on when you walk into the room, and a table mounted touchscreen with simplified one-touch dialing and display of the meeting room booking calendar. A user satisfaction survey also displays on this touchscreen at the conclusion of each meeting to measure alignment of the room’s technologies against user meeting outcome goals.
The display and related hardware is all mounted within a support system that minimises any room infrastructure requirements ensuring the ability to install the solution in almost any room without the cost and delay of construction modifications, while the interchangeable base panel can be easily changed to match room aesthetics or corporate branding.


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Luxembourg - Oslo Room


Approximate pricing for the Oslo Room for Teams in USD.
Team Collaborate (up to 9 people)
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