This more advanced small to medium sized room solution is aimed at local content display through wired and wireless connectivity options as expected, but the improved manageability, reliability and user experience offered by a permanent conferencing engine as opposed to a BYOD centric strategy.  Leveraging an integrated, display mounted camera/speaker/microphone, this is connected to a Microsoft Skype/Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom “certified” PC driven conferencing engine.
This allows migration between these platforms in the future if needed as the organization’s UC strategy evolves, but also offers future flexibility for other conferencing software platforms as they evolve and are certified.  An extension table microphone can be added to support improved audio pickup for the more distant participants in mid sized rooms.
User control including one touch dialing and camera controls is via a 10” table mounted touch panel running the native platform user interface for maximum consistency and user familiarity.  Meeting scheduling information is also displayed on both the panel and the main display.  A range of patented microphone and camera processing technologies oriented around improved performance and user experience optimize the human voice to enhance conversational clarity, adjust to lighting conditions including high background light conditions (ie: windows) to ensure participants are properly lit and visible at the far end, and can be enabled to automate camera field of view to always frame all participants.  Another user experience centric feature includes Bluetooth enablement within the webcam allows users to quickly extend a mobile device-based call to the meeting room for larger audience participation or improved hands-free audio quality.
The display and related hardware is all mounted within a support system that minimizes any room infrastructure requirements ensuring the ability to install the solution in almost any room without the cost and delay of construction modifications, while the interchangeable base panel can be easily changed to match room aesthetics or corporate branding.
room cost

Switzerland - Singapore room


Approximate pricing for the Singapore Room for Teams in USD.
Team Collaborate (up to 9 people)
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