Strategy often takes the longest in development. For workplace and workflow strategy, the answer cannot be just about the products. You need a full end to end standardization strategy. In order to know we are delivering on the needs of the workforce, you need a plan for the project, the technology itself, along with a support model and the visibility of technical and usage. Our overall approach and services portfolio begins with the Design Phase; what we refer to as our Velocity Strategy.

The Velocity Strategy draws upon GPA’s broader Global Delivery Methodology, and simplifies this to a defined process of validation of the goals and outcomes of the program to each customer’s unique needs and structures, and the definition of a global program implementation Plan.

global scalability

We know how difficult it can be to properly execute collaboration spaces. After all it’s not a technology solution. It is about looking for better collaborative outcomes which will power the growth of their organisation.

Even more difficult is achieving collaboration successfully on a global scale. It all comes down to consistency and standardization of the collaborative space, room by room, across multiple locations which has many challenges. For this to be successful you need the support of, and management of this process by, a Global Program Manager.  An individual experienced in developing and planning such programs with a deep understanding of the cultural, geographical, financial, logistical, timezone, language, and dozens of other complexities that become important to manage when faced with this global lens.

global pricing

One of the issues we know is of significant frustration is budgeting, the ability to understand what a room delivered in the Netherlands, or in New York, will cost when deployed in Sao Paolo Brazil, or Beijing China, or Sydney Australia. For anyone who has ever tried to delivery globally before, you’ll know this is an incredibly complex and difficult challenge. Budget is typically critical to planning and project approval, and thereby to project risk, and to managing local stakeholder expectations. So while not a web commerce engine for order placement and exact pricing, one can see approximate budget costs in different countries around the world.


Global Program Management (GPM) services are critical to global deployment success, ensuring global standards and a clearly defined deployment strategy is implemented consistently for all regions and locations, large or small. GPM is the bridge between the centralized and strategic oversight & alignment of the primary global management team & stakeholders, and the tactical delivery efforts and “Project” management of each GPA delivering member in each region.

Focused on delivering exceptional customer experience, GPA Program Managers are responsible for the delivery of standards, efficiency and support throughout the project lifecycle. GPA Program Managers bring specific expertise in the complexities of global project delivery, and serve as a consistent central coordination and escalation resource for customers, delivering members, and any other related project stakeholders alike.

Our Global Program Managers are trained on best practices enabling our ability to scale with your organizational workload. This includes consistent oversight for proposals, implementations, support, invoicing and on-going business analysis.

Structured Program Governance
A structured program delivery governance model including, project by project delivery team engagement, and regularly scheduled customer stakeholder stewardship meetings (aka QBRs) to provide consolidated program status reporting, risk analysis, and lessons learned.
Local ‘In-Country Project Management Support
Vested and aligned regional project management resources to align unique regional delivery considerations, provide local cultural and language context in managing local project stakeholders, and provide standardized and consistent reporting and escalation to the Global Program Management team.
Common Global Management Platforms
A consistent set of globally adopted management tools allowing a global dashboard to provide real time status of all aspects of program delivery, from project initiation requests to service ticketing.
Standardized Documentation Workflow
Includes the development & documentation of the customers’ technology roadmaps, to the establishment of a customer approved communication and escalation plan, to an as-built documentation archive.
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