Collaboration Technology support is challenging. Typically standing in front of an audience, is about a presenter trying to reinforce their personal credibility, capability, and knowledge. If our goal is to seek adoption, why would we expect that users would embrace utilization of these technologies if they are unreliable or overly complicated. Users need proactivity in maintaining systems to prevent failures, “real time” monitoring and support to rapidly react to issues if they do arise, and an ongoing strategy to identify recurring user concerns and in turn optimize or adjust strategy as needed. To be accountable and responsible for ensuring they can best achieve their meeting outcomes and productivity goals.

Our “Velocity Support” pillar is based upon the unmatched footprint and maturity of the GPA’s Global Service & Support methodology and Infrastructure, but optimized specifically to the opportunities and consistency of standardization within our Velocity rooms portfolio. A program built to address and overcome each of the challenges identified above.


The GPA’s Global Care offers our customers centralized service engagement, incident management, resource deployment, and reporting. We do so through a centralized 24/7 multilingual service desk, a customer facing web monitoring and management portal, a cloud based monitoring platform, and oversight from a strategic global Service Delivery Management resource.


Built upon more than a decade of experience, ITIL based ITSM best practices and methodology, but optimised to the unique needs of AV/UC support, Global Care offers centralised coordination, visibility, workflow management, and an ongoing commitment to outcome optimization and refinement across the service and support operations needs of your entire global portfolio and geographical footprint.

localized resourcing

While centralized coordination and oversight is critical, it is the physical presence of local, in country resources with “AV/UC” specific knowledge, and local language, cultural awareness, sustained customer relationship, and practical knowledge that is most critical in ensuring rapid and appropriate response and resolution.


It is the most difficult aspect for any organization trying to provide a global collaboration technology support model, and is where the GPA’s global footprint, unified operational workflows, and resource base depth becomes truly unequalled. When paired with our vendor partnerships and support alignment, and the standardization and scale opportunities of Velocity, we can bring speed and efficiency to the resolution of any localized service issue.


Global Care is built upon 2 key premises. First, the critical importance of the physical presence of in country local resources with “AV/UC” specific knowledge, and local language, cultural awareness, relationships, and practical knowledge. The essence of the GPA model.

And secondly, a central coordination engine in our Global Service Desk, a 24/7, multi-lingual, AV/UC & IT support organization. It applies the scale, workflows, best practices, and tools of an IT organization that supports more than 500,000 PC’s and users, with the complexities and unique needs of AV/UC support.


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