Traditional offices and meeting rooms are giving way to open team and mobile spaces, as well as huddle rooms, all of which present challenges for effective collaboration in geographically distributed organizations. Additionally, today’s workers were raised on technology and expect it to be as natural and pleasant as the air they breathe.

How quickly and effectively organizations adapt to these expectations and new ways of working is key to sustaining a competitive advantage.
Through engagement and consultation with customers from around the world in recent years, we’ve built a set of guiding principles that we believe are the foundations to better, a compass to guide us is in what’s important to our global customers. They are Simplicity, Scalability, Standardization and Speed.

We believe that at minimum if we can deliver services and solutions that meet these four criteria, we can solve many of the challenges our industry has faced in indeed delivering those better outcomes for customers.


Our goal has never been about just providing technology to global enterprises. It’s also been about the user experience and solving human problems. We want people to experience better when it comes to workplace technology. We strive to help our customers enable improved collaborative outcomes that support their global teams’ needs, allowing them to increase business velocity, and achieve or maintain a competitive market advantage. We recognize that the path to a better user experience is more than just a new, innovative piece of equipment. It’s the need for a better end to end approach.

The Global Presence Alliance have built a set of unique guiding principles that we believe are the foundations for our clients to achieve better when it comes to their global technology integration. Velocity as we call it, is a comprehensive portfolio of aligned services that takes the concept of standardization into a rapidly deployable and proven strategy that doesn’t just consider the space and the technology and but most importantly, focuses on the people and their experience.

To our clients, this is the GPA Difference.

A recent Forrester survey four that 96% of companies face challenges when managing videoconferencing solutions
``What challenges do you experience when managing/using cloud-based conferencing solutions (the combination of endpoints and applications)?”
Difficulty connecting from conference rooms to the call
Lengthy connection time at the start of the meeting
Poor call quality
High Cost
Lack of flexibility to use multiple solutions
Confusing or inconsistent user experience
Growing complexity
Use of nonauthorized solutions
Non-integrated voice conference options
Inability to support scale

Velocity isn’t about delivering just the technology
Our mission has  much more strategic corporate goal. It is about solving a human problem. That being to enable better collaborative outcomes from the employees of the company, allowing it to increase business Velocity, and thereby achieve or maintain a competitive market advantage.

With these concepts in mind, we recently set ourselves a challenge.  One we feel is not so unlikely in the current market.  What if  one of our global customers needed 1000 rooms deployed in dozens of locations around the world in the next 90 days.

This was the beginnings of Velocity and our mission.

Define and design the overall strategy and plan the global transition
Consistent integration, configuration and deployment of technology in work spaces
Full global support and change management.
Data analysis for current and future work space and workflow development
our velocity values

Current technology trends like mobility, the cloud, big data, social media and consumerization are removing the many barriers that once prevented effective global workforce collaboration within organizations across the world. With our unique Velocity ecosystem, the Global Presence Alliance can help global enterprises transform teamwork and collaboration with standardized, simple and scalable technology solutions that are fully supported and can be improved based on usage metrics over time.

Our goal is to leverage all we have learned in the last 10 yrs about the complexity of delivery on a global scale, the complexity of building “Custom” enterprise Collaboration Strategies, and “standardize” it.

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